Unlock the Mystery of Satan's Little Season

With Pillars Of The Earth Church

WELCOME! If you are a Believer of Christ that feels out of place...

or are confused about the Bible,


Satan's Little Season- just makes sense

Satan's Littel Season - just makes sense!


We are sounding the alarm!


Sister Kadee Kotter

-Raised from the dead by Jesus 1993

-Independent Ordained Minister 2002

-Full Time Disciple and Missionary 1997-present

-Founder of Pillars Of The Earth Church


  • Holistic Nutrition Practitioner

  • Mind-Body Transformational Psychology

  • Mind-Body-Spirit Wellness Mentor

  • Bio-Touch Practitioner (International Foundation Of Bio-Magnetics)

  • Life Coach Certificate

  • 10,000+ Hours World Religion Studies

Satan has been loosed from the pit and it has been hidden from us!

Has 1000 years come and gone since Jesus was anointed High Priest, crowned King of kings, and rose from the dead as prophesied? (Rev. 20:1-3)

We have discovered collectively, thousands of Sons and Daughters of God by reading the Bible in context, and challenging mainstream doctrines and our interpretations of prophecy, that Jesus Christ fulfilled ALL the Law AND the Prophets as is written CLEARLY. Including ALL of the Day Of The Lord prophecies we are led to believe are in our future...

  • ---Have you ever wondered about the context of the imminent words of warning from Jesus to His friends standing there WITH Him?

  • Did Jesus lie to His Disciples?

  • Do you ever wonder why the conversations among Christians seem to run in circles with confusion and hatred about the timing of the rapture and can never come to an agreement as a whole?

  • Did you question the integrity and virtue of your church leaders when the lock downs and mandates hit?

  • Are you getting suspicious after seeing hundreds of potential antichrists come and go, and dozens of doomsday and other end times "prophecies" not come to pass?

Here's the secret... ever since Jesus literally raised me from the dead on Christmas when I was 15 in 1997, I've been on a different path than most, striving to know and serve God with all my heart, mind, and spirit...

...rejected and misunderstood by EVERY church I tried to attend.

Now, after 27 years of being a Missionary and Disciple I understand clearly the frustration many spiritual truth seekers face from the modern church...

...and the mandates of the big C just brought the luke-warm complacency and deception to the surface for all to see.

Didn't it?

If you ignore Satan's Little Season of Revelation 20 as a possible Truth of the reality of our prophetic timeline, you might end up being "raptured" by Satan himself and his angels as "they" disclose "aliens", magnetic aether technology, wireless electricity, and "space" crafts working in tandem with project Blue Beam.

And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. 2Corinthians 11:14

Satan's Little Season - just makes sense!

If you are anything like most of us you have millions of questions if you have been waiting for an antichrist, rapture, mark of the beast and third temple or world war...

Or maybe you have never heard of prophecy before, so we broke down the core of understanding into 7 key topics to help Unlock The Mystery of Satan's Little Season.

7 Keys To Unlocking The Mystery Of Satan's Little Season

Key 1- Discovering Biblical Cosmology

Key 2- Unveiling The New Covenant & Millennial Reign

Millennial Reign Past, Satan's Little Season

Key 3- Understanding The Antichrist Spirit & Beast Systems

Key 4- Seeing Rapture Theories As A Division Tactic

Rapture Deception, Satan's Little Season

Key 5- Understanding Deception

Key 6- What's Next?

Key 7- Establishing Ministries, Home Churches & Self Sustainable Villages

The big question on MANY of my friends minds has been... how can I explain this to my loved ones so they can understand without being mocked and ridiculed?

It took me personally 27 years of scrupulous study and seeking the Truth about our King Jesus, seeing hundreds of failed prophecies in the Christian, Pagan, and New Age world along with dozens of potential "antichrists" come and go to begin to REALLY question what I had been taught and to REALLY open up the Bible and look at it from another angle.

I have also found that there are many teachings within the mainstream Christian churches that are in direct conflict with what I have read and understood from reading the Bible in context with the Holy Spirit as my guide, and I KNOW I AM NOT ALONE!!!

So, if you are a Believer a Christ who feels out of place, you're in the right place!

There's A New Type Of Temple In the World Today, And That Temple...


If you read this whole page, we would love to hear your feedback, and to see you this Saturday at our live Fellowship!


Pillars Of The Earth Church Is Established For:

  • The Believer of Christ who feels out of place.

  • The Believer of Christ who feels something is missing from end times doctrines.

  • Son's and Daughters of God who are seeking like minded community.

  • The New Believer of Christ who wants to understand the God of the Bible.

  • The Seasoned Pastor who has plateaued in his service for the Lord.

  • Children Of God Seeking Biblical Healthcare Options.

Founding Members & Testimonials

Sister Kadee Kotter


Sister Kadee was raised from the dead at the age of 15 by Jesus on Christmas Day, 1993 after being hospitalized with bacterial spinal meningitis. Doctors flooded her body with IV fluids failing her kidneys, filling her lungs, and her ankles swelled to the size of watermelons as she was rolled into an isolation room to die with no visitors allowed. Her grandfather, forcing his way in to lay hands on her and give her a blessing, raised her up.

Her passion to serve the Lord has been met with disdain by every church she has ever attended. In spite of the hatred and judgment, Kadee has helped 1000’s of people to accept Jesus as their Savior who feel out of place at church.

Sister Kadee’s first mission using the Memory Book (offered above) as a tool,

C. Rose, 1997 ---  "I felt like a prisoner in an assisted living facility, and I was only 18. I was afraid of everyone and everything for as long as I could remember. Diagnosed with several mental conditions including PTSD and Agoraphobia due to the traumatic abuse of being sold to truck drivers by my step dad from the age of 8 - 13. I was taking several medications. I had been seen by top mental health professionals and admitted to inpatient care several times. After just 3 weeks working with Sister Kadee, receiving Jesus as my personal savior and memorizing just a few of the verses in this memory book, my life was transformed drastically. My case was closed as a miracle, and after my Discipleship course with her I went to India to work with the deaf as a missionary. I am nearly deaf myself from the abuse I suffered as a child, and she helped me turn my curse into a blessing to help others". 

After this experience with C. Rose, I knew it was my life's purpose to be a minister and healer outside of the confines of modern medicine and religion. I had seen the power of God THROUGH me to help someone else, and there was no going back. The building blocks within these pages will help establish yourself as a living stone in the New Heaven and New Earth promised to those who love God... a Living Temple built upon the Chief Corner Stone whom the builders refused as their Messiah"

Jesus Feliciano Jr.

Founding Member
Pillars Of The Earth Church

Before discovering Satan's little season I was trying to find meaning in life, I was living in the matrix just like all the others. There was always that missing link feeling. Something always told me what we are taught from the Bible is off. I was raised in both Reading, PA and Yauco, Puerto Rico. My father was raised Catholic and my mother Jehovah's Witness but none of it stuck. I've always believed in God but never wanted to read the Bible. I always said it was full of lies mixed with truths, a tampered book, too many editions for my liking. Which one was the correct one?

My brother invited me to a Facebook page about Mudfloods and resets and that is how I stumbled into the Tartarian history and Millennial Reign. I read for two days straight then was scared for 12. After the 12th day I accepted my new reality and ever since my new journey in life is to enlighten folks on the Little Season, because automatically everything made sense. The old grand architectures, Flat Earth, aether... Bible verses to back all of this up. Then I stumbled upon a page that said the Tartarian structures were from the Millennial Reign of Christ (after a year of researching I now know that they aren't from the Millennial Reign {Acts 7:48}). On that page I ran into Sister Kadee, who at first I thought was a "crazy lady" who was talking about "Exposing "Tartaria". Boy did she!

Kadee exposed false narratives among the hidden truth, that is the Millennial Reign is past. She doesn't know but that person who I had deemed crazy has taught me so much, I am for ever grateful! She has helped me and countless others along the way in this journey of all of OURS. She is one of a kind. Now being able to actually read the Bible in context is a blessing. Living in Satan's Little Season is the only narrative that makes sense. The way people connect the dots after finding out the Millennial Reign already happened is amazing, like a spiritual wifi reset.

What is done in the dark eventually finds it's way to the light. In this case the obscuring of history to hide the Millennial Reign of Christ. I am going to bad neighborhoods and reaching those that are most affected by this little season of deception. Jesus wanted to help the most helpless which are in those areas of poverty and I intend to walk in his steps. All the glory to God.

Disciple and Missionary of 50+ years
Ake Langren

Founding Member
Pillars Of The Earth Church

Its amazing thinking back on just as handful of years since global earth been exposed in our time, many of the Christians who understand this have started to question also the Bible prophecy interpretations and general history that we have been taught and deceived by. The Christian foundation have been cleared of a lot of rubble, and if you don’t get all the piece’s put in its right place you cannot understand the whole picture that Jesus and God wants us to see. You cannot hang on the fence anymore, being open for different ways of looking at our situation won’t work much longer. It's getting clearer like coming out of the fog into the light of truth, it gets clearer by the day. There’s only one God, Jesus is the cornerstone without Him there’s no Heavenly City.

If you cannot accept that earthly Jerusalem was destroyed 70 ad, that Jesus came back within that generation to set up His Kingdom, Babylon the whore destroyed and exposed, you will never understand where we are now, you will still wait for and be deceived by an earthly temple, tribulation, Babylon, instead of seeing the reality of our present time and Satan's deception, he’s already defeated since a long time and now he’s out of prison and will be totally exposed and his followers for all to see, their judgment is in Gods hands.

What Are Other Believers Of Christ Saying?

Kimmi D Vice

I had viewed hundreds of images of these Majestic surreal Architecture...for approx 2 yrs...in which I felt much was still missing...trying hard to connect the dots...adding in Mud Floods and Petrified Titans and diverse Biology... including the remnant stumps of majestic trees...we call "mountains"! Then Revelations Ch 20 hit me! And through my humbled earnest Prayers to YaH..to show me the TRUTH...it all makes perfect sense...that we ARE IN THE SHORT SEASON

Renee Gress

Knoxville, TN

Once I started unraveling the lies about Evolution, NASA, Flat Earth, fake news media and of course Co v id; I realized they lie about absolutely EVERYTHING! Started thinking THEY were purposely scripting what LOOKS like End Times prophesy and coming rapture. They are trying too hard to convince us… Also finding SO many holes and lies in the historical narrative as well as out of place architecture and Earth scarring that doesn’t make sense based on their historical narrative. I started hearing about the Little Season (which is not even spoken of in modern churches). My understanding started to fall into place.

Anonymous Sister


I've always been a skeptic at heart, but did the "church thing" my entire life. Sunday school, then youth group, then leadership, worship team, children's church... I was a very busy "Christian" and I loved Jesus/God, but I think it was the busyness that made me overlook so many things.. Because when this "pandemic" occurred -- it GRIEVED my heart to see the church's reaction AND inaction to the CLEAR tyranny.... it didn't make sense to me that HELLO we have only been taught and scared for dear life about this coming "tribulation"/one world govt -- the stage is being set, and instead of WARNING more people not to follow -- the church HELD jab drives??!!!

I knew something was wrong and I was vocal about it -- and many of my own Christian friends who have known me for years and served alongside me completely thought I was the one who lost my mind.But that pushed me to leave the "church life" and just go off on my own... I got lots of flack from my family for "not going to church", they would express they're worried for my soul, yet they're the ones who willingly allowed their bodies to be defiled by these jabs... it was really hard but I don't know, I was just resolved to find something because something deep within was telling me to keep searching...

One day, a random Instagram post of a pastor (it was Chuck Baldwin) was talking about how the church is completely blinded by the WRONG interpretations of Revelation... I was floored by what he said... I mean the main question to me was "could there be another possible interpretation of Revelation other than what Left Behind portrays?" (Since LB series is the major thing most churches show to make people accept Christ )I don't fully agree with everything Pastor Baldwin says, BUT his one sermon challenging futurism/dispensational theology pushed me to consider Satan's Little Season, and it was definitely eye opening and MIND blowing to think everything already happened in the past. We don't subscribe to full Preterism, but combined with my side researching Flat Earth, watching those Erwanon videos, and dipping my toes in "Tartaria" -- all of it led me to Sister Kadee's Facebook group and the idea of the Little Season... out of everything I've read and studied this is the only thing that makes sense and can explain many observable proofs in our world...!
Satan's Little Season - just makes sense

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